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Trees That Repel Mosquitoes

Are you searching for trees that repel mosquitoes you can add to your landscape?

While there are not a lot options when it comes to trees, there are a couple types of trees you can plant to help keep mosquitoes away.

Nothing spoils spending time in the yard like being swarmed by mosquitoes. So read on for the best trees you can plant that keep the mosquitoes away.

So what are the best trees for repelling mosquitoes?

The top mosquito repellent trees are Eucalyptus and tea trees.

Read on for everything you need to know about these great landscaping tree options.

Which Trees Keep Mosquitoes Away

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While there are not a lot of options when it comes to trees that keep mosquitoes away, there are two excellent options you can plant to keep your yard mosquito free this summer.

Not only will these trees repel mosquitoes, they are fragrant and beautiful making them easy to incorporate into any landscape.

Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus Tree trunk and leaves

Native to Australia, eucalyptus trees make an excellent addition to any landscape. They are excellent at repelling mosquitoes due to the fragrance of their oils.

Eucalyptus trees are best suited for zones 8 to 11. They are hardy and easy to grow.

Eucalyptus tree oil is so effective, it is used in some mosquito repellants.

These beautiful trees provide an interesting look to any landscape and they are able to survive in most soil types.

They do well in dry and slightly wet soils, and as long as your soil drains well, eucalyptus trees will do well in your landscape.

Most types of eucalyptus are fast growers and they reach heights ranging from 30 feet to 180 feet tall.

Eucalyptus trees are relatively low maintenance and easy to grow.

Yearly pruning is recommended to control overall growth and watering is not required except during extended droughts.

Eucalyptus trees should be watered when first planted but they can dry between waterings.

Plant eucalyptus trees around the boundary of your property to repel mosquitoes.

Tea Tree

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Tea trees contain oil that is another natural mosquito repellant that you can take advantage of for your own yard.

Best suited for zones 7 to 9, tea trees are relatively easy to care for making them a great option if you live in the right region.

Tea trees are evergreen and prefer a lot of water. They bloom in the fall and produce flowers with a wonderful fragrance.

Tea trees prefer full sun but can handle some afternoon shade, so consider planting them where they will receive the most sun.

Tea trees can be grown in planters, but be certain to use a planter large enough to avoid becoming root bound.

Tea trees should be fertilized in the spring and fall every couple of weeks. Tea trees should be fertilized with an acid fertilizer for best results.

Follow these simple steps and your tea trees will help keep your yard mosquito free all summer.

Bottom Line

majestic eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus and tea trees can easily be incorporated to just about any landscape to help keep the mosquitoes at bay.

They are both hardy trees that are simple to care for. Plant them strategically around the edges of your yard and you will certainly have fewer mosquitoes bothering you this summer.

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